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I think it is kind of awful/strange/obnoxious that the only times I want to to write are when I'm in a terrible mood or I'm in a ridiculously enlightened mood. I suppose those are times I feel I actually have something to write about.

I wish I could bring myself to write more often, as when I do it, I feel better. It passes time, it chronicles my thoughts, and it releases tension and anxiety. I suppose writing more often would lead me to getting used to it and thus writing more often. Perhaps, I will make an effort to do that. Either here or in a written journal, as I don't know why I need to put my life on the internet for everyone to read (when in reality, if anyone reads it, the number is more around 2). I have another live journal account that is far more interesting, but that one is unrelated to this one, and pretty inactive at the moment as well. Blah.
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